Nigel, is that you?

By Laurie Dow • Animals • 9 Feb 2013


Met this fellow on the Redondo Beach pier in Southern California. He was just chillin’ on the fish cleaning table. He took little notice of most people, even me who kept shoving a camera in his face. I ended up taking 130+ pictures of him. It was the first time I’d really fiddled with the manual settings on my camera. At this point I was still only using the kit lens that came with the camera.

The biggest disappointments of this experience were that people think animals are there for their entertainment and harassed him so much that he flew away and that he didn’t speak in the voice of Geoffrey Rush.

IMG_0294 IMG_0256  IMG_0210  IMG_0265



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  1. Bobbi

    Love me my pelican friends. There was a heavy population of them in Troncones, Mexico. They would float within a few feet of me when I swam at sunset. Very zen.

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